Michael Hengl

I am the founder and CEO of 1492 The Collective Intelligence Management Consultancy and founding president of the 1492 New School of Business. 1492 stands for development "beyond horizon" and the mission to enhance organizations' collective intelligence. I have a proven track record as an executive advisor, gaining quantum leaps in team performance by using collective intelligence methodology. My work at 1492 has also received scientific acknowledgement, being published as best practice in the Harvard Business Manager. Furthermore, I am a keynote speaker and coach for senior leaders and their management teams.

In the early 90's I started to focus on transforming organization into organisms (living systems), based on the wisdom of the crowd what we call today enhancing the collective intelligence of teams, organizations or entire ecosystems. 1492 shall be deemed as a think tank for strategy development, enabling leaders, developing the needed corporate capabilities (culture) by unleashing the collective genius. 

Because we know that in an interconnected world, only intensively connected systems create added value and sustainable solutions. For that, I develop tailor-made programs and consulting services to go far beyond my customer's expectations. Additionally, our 1492 New School of Business provides tailored executive education, exceptional bespoke masterclasses, and certified programs for leaders in a VUCA-world.I advice executives and coach senior leaders and their management on how to increase effectiveness and efficiency by igniting the collective intelligence of their institutions.

Best practice in the Harvard Business Manager