Sonar stands for: Social Network Analysis of Relations. The Sonar 720° is the ultimate learning and development instrument for leaders, teams, units and their responsible business partners. Based on the collective intelligence of an organisation, it improves organisational culture and increases leadership effectiveness in a quantifiable way. Its unique value proposition is the extension of a classical 360° feedback by the significant dimension of 360° expectations. The clients become aware of what to learn and develop precisely and concretely by comparison of the gaps between genuine stakeholder expectations and individual feedback.

The Sonar 720° is well received by any organisation's "immune-system“ because the information is gathered from within the organisation and is imposed to it. It measures and visualises only the already existing and brings that information to surface and awareness. Depending on the clients needs and focus there are Sonar 720° for individual leaders which are often part of a coaching process. And there are Team.Sonar 720° where teams or units can see how they are perceived as a whole within their environment. All Leader.Sonar 720° reports are delivered with a 2 hours coaching session. All Team.Sonar 720° reports are debriefed in workshop sessions with the respective teams.

Accumulated Team.Sonar 720° results or time lines of individual Leader.Sonar 720° enable benchmarking and progress monitoring. Heatmaps identify capability gaps of leaders, teams or units with a need for further development.

Become a leader in collective intelligence with our intensive seminar.

Become a better - more effective and efficient leader through the wisdom of the crowd.

Foster your team performance, with razor sharp analysis and spot on corrective actions.

Certified Sonar 720° Coaching Program