Our mission: We exploring new horizons and we are are thought leaders in learning and development programs for personal growth and collective intelligence. 

In the 1492.//New School, we openly share with you all that we have discovered and developed, working all over the world for over 20 years. It is a center of competence for next level learning and development programs. Leaders at all levels, managers, change agents, internal and external consultants, advisors, coaches, hidden champions and performers, you are all welcome. Join us and capitalise from our leading edge knowledge and experiences in applying leadership development and the collective intelligence in the world.

1492 was the year when Christopher Columbus embarked on a journey that has proven a new paradigm by discovering a new world. In all of our pillars we capture this essence of "Thought Leadership". We provide learning experiences that embrace new paradigms in our modern world. We are dedicated to awaken the best in your life and to teach you how to keep it.

The four pillars of the School:

We enable the full potential of talents in The Work for Leaders seminar by teaching how to use personal self-realization for leaping ahead in professional performance.

We conduct a truly unique master class on Integral Consulting that brings togetherthe expert and the systemic consulting worlds.

We enhance the Learning and Development of organisations with our long experience in tailored inhouse executive education projects.

We offer Training and Coaching around collective intelligence with selected seminars, executive and team coachings, keynote speeches, and large group events.  

Our passion keeps us close to ground-breaking research together with the most distinguished institutions and scientists for awakening the best in your life, both in personal growth and professional success. Join our academic network of international experts, experience our leading edge collective intelligence, innovation labs and research centre.

Do you want to learn more about our method? Then click here for our 1492.// best practice example, published in the german Harvard Business Manager.

Next generation leadership with personal growth and professional success.

Learn how to integrate the best of two worlds: content-driven expert consulting and process-driven systemic consulting.

Learn more about our tailored solutions.


Groundbreaking coaching for leaders, teams and units - based on collective intelligence.