Do you want to make the world a better place?

If you love shaping the future of leaders, teams and organisations by doing something really new instead of more of the same, consider joining us.
If you find the regular consulting business too little impact driven and lacking of personal responsibility, consider joining us.
If you are solution-oriented instead of problem-driven, believe in the collective intelligence of teams and strive for personal growth within your professional career, consider joining us.

Around 1492.// you’ll find people who are rich in their diversity of backgrounds yet share common values such as:

-       curiosity to learn everyday to get always better, never perfect
-       dedication, focus and energy for impact
-       passion to exceed expectations to wow our clients
-       entrepreneurial mind-set to drive growth
-       contributing to the network with your interests and expertise

We value character as much as knowledge and competences. The latter two are easier to change. The first is a life long journey. If you are willing to bring in your full personality to your job everyday, consider joining us.

That is what makes 1492.// unique and successful – and a great place to work at.

We look for

Integral practitioners

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Change and Transformation

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Willingness to learn

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