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At 1492, we help leaders, teams and organisations to enhance their collective intelligence. In our 1492 New School of Business we develop the next generation of leaders, who need to transform their organisations into agile swarm cells. 1492 ventures provide "smart start" and growth solutions for start up's and sme's. In our international consulting projects, we enable our partners to do the right things at the right time, with the right amount of energy. Therefore we focus on business model innovation as a core activity. In a digital VUCA world of connected systems, only highly connected approaches create differentiation and sustainable competitive effects in the markets.

In 1994, inspired by the greatest thinkers like Alan Watts, Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Rupert Sheldrake, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Noam Chomsky and others,  Katja and Michael started 1492 as a movement for personal development, to make our world a better place.  That vision remains unchanged. Today we stand more than ever for a journey beyond the horizon. This is not stranger than you think, it is stranger that you can think. When people start to learn to question their thinking, they set themselves free to change their world for the better. That "mental change" expertise was a desire from a German car manufacturer and shifted 1492 into the corporate world of change and organisational transformation.

Since 1996 we have invested all 1492 profits and more into our own Swarm Intelligence Think Tank. This has led to our cutting edge expertise in both management consulting and  systemic concealing. In horse racing, we see the jockey as important as the horse and the stable. From day one, we developed tailor-made solutions to build up the right strategic coroporate capabilities for our clients. It has taken us a while to comprehend our own innovations. Now, we are able to translate our insights and lessons learned from over decades to offer open and academic programs in our New School of Business. Our post graduate students receive the most advanced leadership education to perfectly fit to their strategic and personal needs, closing the gap between the status quo and the desired state of their future.

We are very grateful that managers and leaders from around the world have always trusted us to help them to change the game. Every project so far has proved that collective intelligence rapidly leads to  better results, at a lower cost,  and much higher engagement. We have received scientific acknowledgement and have a proven track record of out-performing. 

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